Welcome to Travel for All

We bring detailed accessibility information to those who need to know

Travel For All is being created to provide information to people with accessibility needs who love to travel. This includes people with disabilities, the elderly and others with mobility, sensory or communication limitations.

We will assist owners of travel related businesses in assessing their properties against the needs of guests who require some extra consideration.  We will help you access this valuable and growing market.

Travel for All will focus on tourist accommodation, attractions and experiences.

For Tourism Operators

Travel For All will help you access the valuable and growing accessible travel market.
Share detailed information about the accessibility of your property.
Let people know more about you.

Accessibility Toolkit

The Travel For All Accessibility Toolkit will provide you with the knowledge you need to accurately share detailed accessibility information with your market.


Toolkit + Training

Use the toolkit to share accessibility information with your market. Plus, train your staff (and yourself) in how to best cater to this market. Includes disability awareness training and more.


Verified & Trusted

Travel For All will undertake an independent assessment of your property's accessibly features. You and your staff will also undertake training in disability awareness and more.

For Travellers

Travel For All will gather the information you need to make informed decisions about where you stay and what you do when on holiday, or travelling for work.

Share Your Experiences

Join the Travel For All community and talk travel and accessibility with others, provide accessibility information for places you have visited and write reviews.

The Information You Need

Find what you need to know before you book a hotel room or buy tickets to an attraction. The independent reports, photos and videos will give you what you need to know and peace of mind.

Book & Plan with Confidence

Plan your trip without needing to call every operator for more information. Save time and avoid frustration by choosing properties that have a detailed accessibility assessment with Travel For All.

Tell us about your travel experiences

Please complete our Traveller Survey to tell us about your accessible travel needs and your travel experiences.

We need to know what you need so we can continue to develop Travel For All.

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About Travel for All

Dale Charlie Round

Dale Reardon

Founder and CEO
Pictured with his seeing eye dog Charlie

Travel For All has been founded by Dale and Jo Reardon. Dale's seeing eye dog Charlie is our proud mascot.

Together we love to travel in Australia and also overseas (without Charlie). We know the frustrations and obstacles that can be faced when searching for accommodation and tourism services for someone with reduced mobility. We know that many people experience much more difficulty than us.

We want to make it easy for operators to share the accessible amenities of their property, and for those who need this information to be able to find it easily. Both parties are then so much better off.

We ask for your help as we launch Travel For All in Australia. Please jump in and get onto our email notification list to be advised once we launch.

We have a survey available for travellers to complete for you to tell us about what you want to ensure inclusive travel is delivered.

Click here to complete survey now.